Allergy Testing

Almost everyone has some type of allergy that may vary depending the on the season. The spring and fall seasons are extremely difficult for those who have an air-borne allergy. Air-borne allergies are from pollens and spores in the air. In the winter, you will find more dark, damp places that are perfect for mold to inhibit and grow in. In the winter months, mold will grow quickly and dust will lie more quickly as well. Most people have a hard time controlling their allergies so they seek medical help. You should try to keep your home as clean as possible for the fact that dust and molds are a common allergy.

There are also everyday allergies that do not stay with just a season. They are pet allergies and food allergies. Pet allergies come from having contact with the dog or cat or when you are in the presence of the animal or owner. The hair and dander may make your hands to break out in a rash, or you may not be able to control your breathing because of the pets. You may have your passageways narrowed because of pet hair or dander. Food allergies are the worse allergies to have. They can be extremely deadly if proper medical attention is not sought.

When you need to be tested for an allergy, you can go see your family physician or doctor. He will run a series of tests that will determine what allergies, if any, do you have. When you visit the doctor, you may want to generate a list of things that it could possibly be. An allergy test consists of many mini-tests in one.